Pigmentation treatment (results depends how old it is, 4 to 6 weeks)
Stem cell treatment with dramatic results
Skin lightening (products contain no hydroquinone)
Treatment of new scars and old scars
Medication to assist with acne as a result with time one can have optimum condition
Treatment of weight by electro-therapy, sauna spa, instant results losing inches
Keep Beauty- promote circulation,accelerate metabolism so as to break down fat cell quickly. Makes the skin soft and beautiful
Keep Health- improve insomnia, constipation, endocrine and arthritis and improve human immunity
Treatment of pain. Highest super-oxidant in the world, see difference after 3 months, circulatory problems and much more
Sports injuries, muscle problems, development of lactic acid
APS Therapy treatment for pain, injury excellent results for knee injury
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Full body,back & Head and shoulder Massage
Skin Peels and facials
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We also have a Lazer Lipo Sauna
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